MINEL KONCERN A.D. (MINEL CONCERN, joint stock company) and the group of its related enterprises, have the basic activities in various fields, primarily directed to projecting, el. engineering, designing, manufacture of equipment, erection and construction of the power and industrial projects.

The companies of MINEL are acting within the three basic fields in the market:


Owing to its rich experience so far and references gained, MINEL set a goal of its faster technological development primarily in the fields of utility boilers and power transformers.

Sustained improvement of the program and technology together with the innovation and cooperation with numerous scientific institutes and its own development centers enabled MINEL to appear in the market as an engineering system for complete power and industrial projects.

Significant own experience and communication with eminent international corporations contributed MINEL to become a system capable of carrying out all stages of the work starting from an idea, through designing, up to the “turn key” delivery of the plant, in which respect MINEL has surpassed the limits of the home and regional market long ago.

Our services also include the consulting, condition analysis, elaboration of the investment program and business plans, general and main designs, as well as the other investment-technical documentation for reconstruction of the existing projects and construction of the new ones aimed for the generation, transmission, distribution and usage of electric power.

MINEL is an inevitable partner in construction of major infrastructure projects in Serbia.

Ever adapting itself to the market requirements, MINEL has successfully realized numerous projects of great importance. Now it has been included in completion of projects in Yugoslavia being of lasting importance:

  • The Program for electric power generation, transmission and distribution update
  • The Program for railway update
  • The Program for construction of the “fast railroads” throughout Serbia
  • The Construction of gas pipelines in Serbia
  • The Construction of food production equipment
  • The Manufacture of equipment for environmental protection

All these characteristics are putting MINEL and the group of its related enterprises among leading systems in European context.

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