MINEL KONCERN A.D. (MINEL CONCERN, joint stock company) is established in 1948. From these days till today, generations of employees dedicated to the idea of constant discovering of new possibilities and overcoming of ordinary, have formed the company which name and activity are giving new dimensions to the concept of engineering and projecting. Because being engineer also means being innovative and apprehensive.

Quickly after establishing MINEL became leading system in its branch and vocation in Yugoslavia. Our development was in a long period a synonym for the development of electro-energetic and thermo-energetic systems in our country. There’s no power plant in former Yugoslavia without MINEL’s equipment.

All these years name MINEL outgrows into a brand in various regions and areas of the world, such as Near and Far East, former Soviet Union, Africa, North and Latin America and throughout Europe. Hundreds of successfully finished projects in more than 70 countries on 5 continents are behind us.

By merging all these accomplishments and the mode of thinking – then we get nowadays MINEL CONCERN and the group of its related enterprises.

And present-day MINEL CONCERN is modern enterprise, organized as joint stock company, and is among leading enterprises in Serbia and in region.

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