MINEL Koncern A.D. (MINEL CONCERN, joint stock company) has been gained references for such a services as consulting, condition analysis, elaboration of the investment program, general and main designs, as well as the other investment-technical documentation for reconstruction of the existing projects an construction of the new ones aimed for the generation, transmission, distribution and usage of electric power.
Most of our numerous references have been received for projects, such as:

  • thermo-power plants
  • hydro-power plants
  • el. power transmission and distribution installations
  • transformer stations
  • railway electric system
  • reactive power compensation system
  • light signaling system for airports, etc.

In Serbia, MINEL is a inavoidable partner for all major corporations in electric- and thermo-energetic field, so Serbian Electric Industry (EPS) with it’s daughter companies and other important enterprises in this area are doing common projects with us for decades.

Some of our major long-lasting partners in Serbia are:

MINEL is building its reputation in world for more than 60 years. Our successfully finished projects are located in more than 70 countries, so we have a world-wide network of clients and partners. Almost every significant global corporation in our areas has been working with MINEL and the group of its related enterprises, on projects from “know-how” till finalization of objects.

Some of our essential global partner corporations are:

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